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Request Service

Do you need help with a mosquito problem, in-ground yellowjacket nest, or other vector? 

Please click on the service you need and complete the online form to request mosquito control services, report a mosquito source (such as an unmaintained swimming pool), request information about ticks, or insect identification. There is no charge for these services. 

I need help with mosquitoes that are biting us.

I know where there is an unmaintained pool/spa or other mosquito source.

I have an in-ground yellowjacket nest in my yard or in a public space.

I need mosquitofish for my animal water tanks, ornamental pond, or other water source.

I have a tick to be identified and/or tested.

I have an insect to be identified.

I have a question, or would like to schedule a presentation.


Lake County residents can fill out any of the online service requests above, contact the District by phone (707-263-4770), or visit the District Office (410 Esplanade St., Lakeport) during regular business hours (7:30 AM - 4:00 PM).