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About Us

We conduct ongoing surveillance of mosquitoes, ticks, biting black gnats, and other vectors in Lake County to determine the threat of disease transmission and to direct our control activities.

The District practices a program of integrated vector management (IVM), which includes:

  • Surveillance for mosquitoes and other vectors
  • Source reduction
  • Biological control
  • Larviciding and adulticiding, when indicated by surveillance
  • Resistance monitoring
  • Disease surveillance in vectors and reservoirs of disease
  • Public education
The mission of the Lake County Vector Control District is to provide the citizens of Lake County with the highest practical level of protection from vectors and vector-borne diseases
LCVCD Mission

In achieving this mission, the Lake County Vector Control District shall:

  • Be proactive in response to current and future vector threats;
  • Respond effectively and courteously to the needs of the public;
  • Inform and educate the public about the shared responsibility of vector control;
  • Apply scientific principles to monitor, evaluate, and improve the District’s ability to fulfill its mission;
  • Utilize the most effective and safest methods available for the control of vectors;
  • Provide vector control services in the most cost-effective manner.