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Services/Functions and Service Area

The mission of the Lake County Vector Control District is to enhance public health and quality of life in Lake County through the control of mosquitoes and other vectors and the diseases they transmit.  The District offers the following services:

  • Mosquito control spraying for adult mosquitoes
  • Inspecting and treating standing water to prevent mosquitoes
  • Mosquito-eating fish for ornamental ponds, animal water troughs, and out-of-service pools and spas
  • Tick identification and testing
  • Insect identification
  • Presentations about the District and its services, vectors (like mosquitoes and ticks) and the diseases they transmit, and how to protect yourself
  • Information about insects, ticks, rodents, and other vectors and how to control them on your property

The District monitors the mosquito population and vector-borne diseases in Lake County through surveillance traps, dead bird reports, sentinel chicken flocks, and disease testing.