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Mosquito Spray Service Request Form

If you are being bit by mosquitoes, complete this form and we will treat your property for adult mosquitoes. Please complete a separate service request for each address unless you are the primary contact for a community petition. 

Several times during the year, mosquito-like insects emerge from Clear Lake by the millions.  If you are seeing lots of insects resting on walls, fences, and outdoor furniture, hovering in swarms around sunset, or flying around lights at night, these are chironomid midges or "rice flies."  The good news is that rice flies cannot bite and live less than 3 days.  The District does not treat for rice flies because they are short-lived and cannot bite.  For more information, please visit our Is it a Midge or a Mosquito page.

If you also need mosquitofish, please complete a separate mosquitofish request

Lake County Vector Control District ULV truck fogging for msoquitoes
The Lake County Vector Control District  used truck-mounted  foggers between midinight and sunrise to control mosquitoes.


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