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A pier at sunrise with a "Mosquito Abatement" sign and colorful sky.
Sunrise from the LCVCD Pier overlooking Clear Lake and Mount Konocti.


The District is hiring a Field & Lab Assistant/Seasonal Helper and an Entomologist.

Scroll down to learn more about each position and its requirements.  


The Field & Lab Assistant/Seasonal Helper traps mosquitoes and other insects, tends chicken flocks, identifies insects, and learns a variety of skills related to public health.  An interest in biology is helpful but not required.  No experience is required.  

This is a 40-hour/week position with a pay range of $18-$20 per hour, and includes paid time off for sick leave and holidays.   The position is expected to run from April 1 through August 31.   

This position requires driving and working outdoors in a variety of conditions and regular contact with the public.  Employees must have a valid California driving license and a driving record that is insurable with the District's insurance carrier. Must be at least 18 years of age,

Click here for additional information about the Field & Lab Assistant/Seasonal Helper.  

Applicants should submit an employment application and a resume to or in-person to the District's office at 410 Esplanade, Lakeport, CA 95453.


The Entomologist plans and conducts research projects and surveillance for mosquitoes, ticks, biting flies, and other vectors, and vector-borne diseases. Employees are encouraged to publish their findings in peer-reviewed journals and present at state and national conferences. Recent work done at the District has included a variety of studies on the biology of the Culex thriambus, Culex (Neoculex) spp., Aedes sierrensis, Culex stigmatosoma, Cx. pipiens, Culiseta spp., and Culicoides spp.; blood meal identification in mosquitoes and Culicoides spp.; investigating Rickettsia philipii (formerly Rickettsia 364D )and the seasonality of Dermacentor occidentalis ticks; triatomines and Chagas disease, blackflies and canine onchocerciasis, and the aftereffects of wildland fires on mosquitoes and mosquito control. The District collaborates with other local agencies in Lake County, as well as with other Districts, Universities, and state and federal agencies. Applicants are encouraged to review the District's list of publications at

This is a 40-hour/week position with an excellent benefits package that includes paid time off for vacations (10 to 20 days/year), holidays (12 days/year), and sick leave (12 days/year); medical, dental, and vision insurance; CalPERS retirement benefits; access to two 457 deferred compensation plans and AFLAC.  This is a represented position.  The biweekly salary range is $2,132.76 to $3,486.46. The Entomologist may be required to work more than 8 hours/day or 40 hrs/week and occasional weekends; earned overtime is accumulated as compensatory time off (CTO).  Employees are protected under the Workers Compensation Laws of California.

This position requires driving and working outdoors in a variety of conditions, regular contact with the public, and professional contact with peers at the local, state, and federal levels.   Must have a B.S. in Entomology or a closely related field with specific coursework in entomology; an advanced degree (M.S. or Ph.D.) in entomology or other closely related field, or experience working in a vector surveillance and control program is desirable but not required.  Must have or obtain a valid California driver's license within 60 days of beginning employment and be insurable with the District insurance carrier using the accepted guidelines of the insurance provider.  Must have or obtain certification as a Public Health Vector Control Certified Technician in Categories A, B, C, and D or earn certification within 12 months of beginning employment.  Must establish that he/she is a United States citizen or an alien authorized to work in the United States before appointment.

The full Entomologist job ad is available here.  

For questions or additional information, please contact Jamesina J. Scott, Ph.D., District Manager and Research Director, at (707) 263-4770 or


Download a job application here:  

LCVCD Employment Application