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The Lake County Vector Control District is a public health agency that protects Lake County residents and visitors from vectors and vector-borne diseases. The District is an independent special district that operates under the California Health and Safety Code §§ 2000-2093, and is governed by its own board of trustees. Click HERE for a map of the District's service area.

We conduct ongoing surveillance of mosquitoes, ticks, biting black gnats, and other vectors in Lake County to determine the threat of disease transmission and to direct our control activities.

The District practices a program of integrated vector management (IVM), which includes:

2014 WNV Activity

  *Lake County *CA
Humans 0 15
(Fatal) (0) (0)
Horses 0 0
Sentinel Chickens 0 39
Dead Birds 5 872
Mosquito Samples 18 980

*Results as of July 25, 2014

Historical Results

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